How to Install DigiOz .NET Guestbook on Windows IIS Server

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Installing DigiOz .NET Guestbook On IIS

Step 1. Got to START > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and double click on “Internet Information Services” icon.

Step 2. Create a new Virtual Directory by Right-Clicking on your website folder and choosing “New > Virtual Directory”.

Step 3. A wizard screen is shown. Click “Next” to continue.

Step 4. On the Virtual Directory Alias screen, enter “guestbook” for folder name and click “Next”.

Step 5. Select the system drive path to the guestbook folder in the next screen and click “Next” to continue.

Step 6. Select “Read”, “Run Script” and “Execute” on the next screen.

Step 7. Click the “Finish” button to finish creating the virtual directory.

Note: On a hosted website this procedure may be different depending on the Control Panel the webhost is using. You may have to contact the webhost and ask them to create this virtual directory for you if you don’t see any options to create a Virtual Directory.

Step 8. Download and extract the DigiOz .NET Guestbook files into the Virtual Folder from the DigiOz Website at: ...

Step 9. Give the IUSR_[ServerName] and IWAN_[ServerName] full control (read, write and execute) of the “App_Data” folder inside the “guestbook” folder. This can be done by either right-clicking on the folder, choosing properties, selecting the “Security” tab and clicking on the “Add” form, or by doing the equivalent from your webhosts control panel.

That’s it! Your guestbook should be ready now.

For questions feel free to email us at

DigiOz Webmaster
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