DigiOz SQL Browser

The DigiOz SQL Browser is a simple Windows Desktop Application which allows you to connect to any Microsoft SQL Browser by providing the Server Name, Database Name and a valid Username and Password. The Application will then give you a list of all SQL Tables in the Tables Drop Down. By selecting a Table Name from the Drop Down List, you can then view all data in that table inside the Grid View of the Application.

The Application is a single executable which does not require installing. Simply run it on your machine to use it.

Download for Windows | Download for Mac | Source Code

DigiOz DMS Converter

The Digioz DMS Converter Application is an application written in C# which converts Degrees, Minutes and Seconds to Decimal Degrees and vice versa. This can prove to be a very useful and time saving tool in Global Latitude & Longitude calculations or Surveying Calculations.

Download for Windows | Download for Mac | Source