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Name: Personality Forge
Category: Chatbot
Description: Welcome to the Personality Forge, an advanced artificial intelligence chat bot platform and living community of chat bots and people. Here people create and work on AI Personalities called chat bots who, once created, have an independent existence, chatting with both real people and other chat bots. While you're away, they're having conversations, making friends, and making memories that you can look in on. The Personality Forge's AI Engine integrates memories, emotions, knowledge of hundreds of thousands of words, sentence structure, unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, and a scripting language called AIScript. It's the heart and mind of all the bots here, and it's easy enough to work with that you need no programming experience to get started. Read more about the AI Engine's features. You can chat with bots, post messages on different topics in the forums, and become a part of the first-ever AI & Human online community.
Timestamp: 2015-01-08 13:30:30
Order: 77
State: 1
Created by: Pete Soheil